How to Write Effective SEO Friendly Content to Get More Traffic

While almost every digital marketing expert agrees with the fact that content is the most important part of an effective SEO strategy, there are so many points and ideas about how skilled writers should actually write SEO Friendly contents.

However, every writer should have their own strategy that makes their content fresh and readable. Some of them can focus the readers and some of them on Google ranking, but the main reason to write SEO content is to attract more traffic.

So what should be the perfect way of writing SEO Friendly content?

Well, here are some of the major factors, you should know before writing SEO Content.

Find Keywords

First and foremost, the impact of your content depends on the keywords you have discovered. The process is simple as there are hundreds of keyword research tools available such as Semrush, Google keywords and so on. You can create a huge database of keywords before planning to write the content.

Search what phrases people are searching for, and make a keyword sheet with search volumes and competition so that you can proceed further.

Pick the Right Keywords

Now that you have a huge database of relevant keywords for a particular topic, you need to find the right keywords you should target on. Increasing traffic might be the main factor, but to attract the right audience, picking the right set of the keyword is essential.

You can choose 8-10 keywords from the spreadsheet, depending on long tail keywords, audience’s search intent as well as the competition and search volumes of those keywords. The best way to shortlist the right keyword is by using the Google AdWords tool that helps research the potential target keywords in the best manner.

Choose the Right Content-Type

What is going to make your content rank on Google?

It is simply how you write the content. Everybody has written on the same topic for over and over again, so, the competition is going to be great. In that scenario, you can research what type of content has already been written, and which of them is ranked higher on the search engines.

Try to create content, which is better and worth sharing such as case studies, how to achieve something or important infographics related to the keywords you are using.


Strategize Content

Once you have decided what type of content is going to work, you need to make an effective content strategy; including how and when you are going to use the keywords. This is going to take a lot of time as strategizing is a crucial thing for professional writers, and if it goes right, nothing can stop your page to get higher Google rankings with organic traffic. Research and create an outline with headings, subheadings, and keyword implementation as well as image ideas so that the next process gets easier for you.

Create Content

Do not jump from choosing the content type to just creating the content as this will not let you achieve the expected SEO results from the content, no matter how amazing your keyword research was. Re-analyze your content outline, and then start writing. You will see how easily you are able to write content that is readable as well as SEO friendly, and targeting the right audience.

Talking about creating the right content, use your first keyword in the first paragraph of the article, and the other keywords accordingly; in the middle and the end of the article, for better optimization.


Apart from everything, the length of your content plays a huge role in SEO. According to SEO experts, the more words you write, the more people are going to like and share the content. Plus, Google loves pages with more content. But, that does not mean that you just unnecessarily increase the word count as this can also badly affect your SEO strategy. Be smart enough to know when the content should be large, and where a short 400-500 words content works.

Optimizing the Headline

Once you have checked the quality of your content with proper keywords frequency, finalize a title that ranks in Google and attracts the audience organically. There are tools that help you create a relevant title, having the most powerful keywords. Many of you might find this weird to create the title after finishing the content, but this has worked for the biggest bloggers and SEO companies over the years.

The number of blogs and articles for SEO is increasing rapidly, and so is the competition. Hence, you need to create high-quality content that improves your organic ranking with a few steps.

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