How To Use Social Media Marketing To Boost Your Business Growth?

Tired of reading those same articles on how you can use social media marketing for better results? Not anymore. Here, you are going to get some of the key factors to use for generating leads from your social media channels.
When it comes to social media marketing, there is no denying that it has been the game-changer for small companies and start-ups in the last few years. Just to let you know, more than 75% of people remain online on a social media platform for most of the day, especially on weekends, and more than 50% of them are influenced by the retargeting ads that later converts results for a business.

These statistics are enough to show how much a buyer is addicted to social media and if used correctly, a small business can rapidly achieve results by using the power of social media marketing.
However, many people still not understand if they really should invest in the social media marketing or not. Yes, you do! And here are the reasons why-

Social Media Reaches a Larger Audience and Demographics


The majority of people who search products and services related stuff on social media are aged between 17 to 50, which makes it a great option, for all types of business to promote their services on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Linked-in and so on. You can target your local customers as well as the entire region if required, as social media has gone beyond any demographic barriers.

The Power of Data Utilization

Data Utilization power

This is the most undervalued yet most powerful process one can use to drive traffic and leads to their business. The unstructured data collected from social media channels such as customer details, search interests and other information can be used to create a social media retargeting strategy. You can analyze the results and identify the group of customers you can target to get results. This will help your website to rank on Search Engines, and your social media channels to get increased traffic every day.

More Revenue by Remarketing or Retargeting Through Social Media

Social Media Platforms Statistic

How many times you have seen people coming on your website or e-commerce store and showing interests in your product or services but not making any action? These people are called your potential customers or buyers. By remarketing on your social media channels, you can re-engage those users and generate more leads.

How to retarget cold leads?
Make different sections of the audience who is specifically showing interest on a particular page or product, of your website such as blog readers, social media followers, previous customers, newsletter subscribers or free trial users, people who have liked your ads on Facebook, but didn’t take any action. You can collect their information and send them interesting content and ads, to revisit your website so that most of them convert into customers.

Social Media Helps Smart Email Marketing

Social Media Helps in Email Marketing

Now, this might be a less heard technique as email marketing is done with a different strategy, but Facebook marketing has changed the game for email marketing as well. You can now share your email newsletter links across your social media networks, especially Facebook so that each time someone visits your page; probably subscribe your newsletter to explore more. Not only you can attract more leads by this, but small businesses can improve the way of their email marketing and targeting.

Brand Awareness & Honest Feedbacks from Customers

Brand Awareness through Social Media

The best part about social media marketing has been the openness about the product, and its performance. You not only get to know the opinion of your customers but also their messages asking for support and even complaints. This one-on-one connection helps you improve your products and services effectively.
Furthermore, with the right social media strategy, you can increase followers and shares of the posts, which later helps your brand getting high exposure to a different group of audience.

Get a Step Ahead from Competitors

Ahead from Competitors

The most satisfying thing for a business owner would be to get brand recognition from its customers, and leaving their competitors behind. With the help of social media, you can monitor and learn from your competitors like what type of posts and content they are posting, and how they are interactive with the users. You can get inspired by their strategies and create unique ideas to reach specific goals.

Who knows you might create a tag line that represents your brand globally (Like Nike, McDonald’s)!

However, as a business owner, you need to determine which social media platform works best for your service or products. With the right strategy, social media can become much more than just a marketing platform for any type of business, be it small or large. If you need professional assistance, then social media marketing experts at WebEnliven Solutions can help you overcome every obstacle with ease.

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