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Reach Targeted Audiences via Facebook Marketing Dubai

For every business owner, advertising strategy is the most crucial part in order to get successful, and Facebook Ads allow you to reach and target a specific customer group, without putting pressure on your budget.

Why Facebook Ads Marketing?

Having more than 1.8 billion monthly active users, who spend a lot of time on the site, Facebook is considered the best social media platform to promote businesses and brands. If you are doing everything right except Facebook Marketing in UAE, then you are missing a chance to double your reach, and generate leads. Each day, Facebook is coming with new business promotion features, which can benefit your business in the future.

See How Facebook Ads are Beneficial for your Business

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Choose Ad Type that Perfectly Meets your Advertising Goals

We at WebEnliven, work on the most effective Facebook ad Campaigns in Dubai to let your business grow fast. We can promote your business with several Facebook Ads including

Link Click Ads

Helps to promote your website, and take users to your landing page with blogs and links.

Video Ads

Facebook Ads Manager helps you engage your audience with amazing videos for Facebook that can be shared on other social media platforms as well.

Image Ads

Add relevant images of your products and services, to increase brand awareness, engagement and store visits. You can add catchy captions for conveying your business objectives to users.

Carousel Ads

You can add ten images or videos, within a Carousel ad along with the links. This can be a great option to promote classified services and products.

Collection Ads

Combine video, slideshow or image with product images selected from a catalogue, and let users socialize and learn from your Facebook ads, which result in conversion, traffic and website visits.

Page like Ads

To increase your page likes, you can target the right audiences that search relevant stuff on Facebook, and find your images interesting and worth investing their time.

Facebook Advertising Services from Certified Marketing Experts!

Facebook Ads Management can take hours of interactive discussions, and finalizing strategies but if done correctly, you can get the most effective results. And for that, you can rely on our Facebook Ad experts who can-

Analyze Your Competition

Our team starts with learning your business goals and researching the competition. We analyze the marketing of your competitors and make FB advertising strategies that can make you stand out of the crowd.

Manage Your Ad Campaigns

To manage your existing Facebook Ads, we make a few changes and schedule your daily post to create more engagements and clicks.

Crate Engaging

From deciding where to run your ads, your audience and what is your budget for the campaign, we can do it all, with the best-suited ad format for your business.

Ad Performance

To reach your business goals such as boosted conversions, engagement and lead generation, we make sure that the ads are performing right, and if there is any improvement required, we update everything right there.
You can expect transparency from our team, which is why we will share progress reports of all your Facebook Ads, whenever you need.
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