Gain Visibility & Control Of Your
Payroll Process

Pay your team on time, every time with EmiratesHR.

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Gain Visibility & Control Of Your
Payroll Process

Pay your team on time, every time with EmiratesHR.

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Do you want to save time, reduce errors, increase security and have a simpler way of accessing pay records? Introducing to you the new, seamless, smart payroll management system, Airpay! Access your payroll records anytime, anywhere, at your convenience, and without hassle!

Airpay Payroll eliminates manual practices and boosts your performance with a smart automatic shift to your HR department. We offer our payroll system that ensures accuracy and speedy results are achieved.

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Our payroll system is not limited to calculating wages but includes proper management of leaves, expenses, accruals, etc. It gets customized to meet your corporate-specific needs. Allowing users to gain visibility and have tighter control of your payroll process from Airpay.

Have the much-needed time to grow your business, make appropriate business decisions, give yourself the peace of mind to handle the daily business tasks.

The Cloud-Based Payroll Management Software provides multiple tasks handling like salary reporting, preparing checks, employee time calculations, tax details, and a lot more. Our HRMS software will ensure easy access to reliable information, so you take a prompt decision without errors in your HR management.

Why current business require payroll software?

Payroll administration is important but also a pretty costly and time-consuming task to handle every day. If done manually, the possibility of human error is quite high. Would you risk it all and create a mess in your payroll processing?

No matter the size and type of company you deal in, the AirPay payroll solution helps save money, provide enough security, and reduce error. More importantly, you can easily manage employee’s wages quickly.

By automating the process like payslips, VAT Complaint, you save time and play safe as a business! Building stronger relationships with employees become easier as they gain trust and confidence with the reliable payroll system that pays them on time.
airpay dashboard on macbook pro scren
airpay dashboard on macbook pro scren

Unraveling the advantages of payroll business solutions

As you continue to grow and expand, there is an ever-growing and demanding need for HRMS payroll software. The employee requirement increases, and so is the need for using the software.

The manual process of calculating Payroll will take up a lot of your time, money, and effort. Inefficient calculation and deduction in salary, payments, tac will be a big disadvantage to your business growth.

With a payroll management system, you get automated tax calculation, submit appropriate reports, documents and payments.

Maintain your people with the trust of paying them regularly and on time. Make your operation smoother and submit accurate information to UAE revenue services.

Your business will experience improvement in efficiency with an automated payroll setup.

Why AirPay Payroll?

Cloud-based, affordable pay-as-you-go pricing.

Being cloud-based, you need not have to buy/maintain your very own data centers or server. It might cost more and can be troublesome too! With the integrated hr payroll system, you can access the software securely with a cloud-based solution. Pay an affordable fee, choose a subscription plan, and it's done!

Interactive dashboard to make a wiser decision

Eliminate time-consuming manual formalities with an interactive dashboard—your information at one place With Integrated HRMS And Payroll Software. You gain real-time information, quick monitoring that reduces your analyzing time as well. No more challenges to depend upon the line of communication when you have information on the go.

Easy Excel Uploads with Standard Integration.

Your business requires only a minimum of time to spend on implementation with excel uploading. This software manages the excel record, keeps track of almost everything, and gives you access to storing information effortlessly. You will experience quality time in improving operational efficiency with automated HR payroll software.

Exclusively Designed for Gulf Companies.

Our product is designed and developed by regional and professional HR personnel. This makes it a leading hr payroll management system for small and mid-sized companies. The software being government compliance, gulf companies won't have to bother about legal issues as it takes care of the legal guidelines and works accordingly.

Core HR Functionalities

Employee Management


Leave Management

Loan Management

Document Management & Expiry alerts

Expense & Overtime Management

Employee Management

Employee management withholds all work-related and personal details of an employee like the name, designation, date of joining, payslips, IDs, and more. Human Resource Payroll Software helps you securely store employee details! You can have access to admin activities quicker and simpler.
Hr payroll dashboard
hr payroll dashboard

Other Managements

Eliminate manual and complex management work with well-integrated payroll software. Airpay allows you to manage, record, and create reports on leave, document attendance, loan, expenses, data, overtime information, and more. Track and utilize all the confirmation and allow your company to work effectively.

3 Steps – Payroll Process

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Configurating Masters

Use AirPay and enjoy a one-time configuration of different masters easily. You can configure masters like department, salary, leaves, shifts—components, grades, termination, etc. You can modify the configuration based on your unique business requirement. Make shortcuts and enjoy your business’s speedy operations!

Monthly Transactions

Recording monthly transactions like leaves, attendance, expenses becomes merely a piece of cake with Online Payroll and HRMS Software. Airpay offers tighter, stronger, and reliable control to manage the monthly transaction. Accurate automated calculations over manual calculations with real-time graphics and intuitive comparison can help create monthly reports too.
graphic designer with his desk
graphic designer with his desk

Payroll Run

With AirPay, you can expect all sorts of calculations to be accurate, true, and reliable. With that, you or your manager can also do an in-depth calculation analysis. This can be performed with the help of an intuitive comparison graph.

Salary Slip

The most prominent document for an employee! It contains the detailed component and breakdown of the entire salary structure of employment with specific information addressed. This payroll And HR Software for Small businesses allows you to get salary slips on your fingertip. It collects, analyzes, and prepares data as per your requirements.
graphic designer with his desk
graphic designer with his desk


Minimize iteration by projecting streamlined workflows through analytics that are accurate. Get detailed analytics of each department, project, income, and expenses and make improvised decisions. Analytically driven metrics help you get the best insight into your business in no time. You can also instruct your staff with real-time information!

advance feature

Excel Upload

Standard Integration

Advance security setup

Gratuity Accruals

Multi-Currency & Salary Hold

Email Salary slip & WPS generation

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